Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Kumpulan Kartunis Independen challenges 'phantom cartoonists' to a debate

We are very concern that of late, there seem to emerge more and more political cartoons produced in booklet form and distributed in public places such as mosques and schools.

The content of these cartoons are merely but personal attack on Pakatan Rakyat and Bersih leaders.  While respecting the right and freedom of cartoonists, we strongly maintain that cartoonists must be responsible of their drawings and the content of their work.

We also found out that in the said cartoons, the cartoonists concealed and covered their identities by not signing or putting up their names onto the artworks. By doing this, the cartoonists demonstrate immoral, unethical and irresponsible attitude, including damaging their reputation as artists.

The universally recognized moral code of ethics for cartoonists are that they must put their names in the form of signatures to show that they really know what they are drawing, that they will be responsible to the messages and they are prepared to take any imminent risk on the drawings.

The actions of these “phantom cartoonists” are a shame and a disgrace to the Malaysian cartoonists in general and thus must be stopped.

We also found that all the messages in the said cartoons are supporting Barisan Nasional, the party that practices corruptions as proven in the NFC scandal and the Scorpene’s case.

Thus, we would like to challenge all the cartoonists to be artists with dignity by coming forward to identify their identities. We also challenge the cartoonists to make an open statement whether they support the corrupt political party as portrayed in their cartoons.  
We would also like to challenge the cartoonists for an open debate with our members about the ideologies and ethics of cartooning, and we are prepared to take them on anywhere at any time.
Zulkiflee SM Anwarul Haque (Zunar)
Leader of Kumpulan Kartunis Independen
 Also signed by, cartoonists:
1. Nor Azlin Ngah (Jonos)
2. Azmie Md Taha
3. Johnny Ong
5. Azman Md Noh (AMN)
6. Mohd Afendi Ramli (Ronasina)
7. Abdullah Jones
8. Amier Hamzah Hashim (Ibnukaduk)
9. Azhar Saad (Art)
10. Azlan Isa (Orang2)
11. Sham Saimun Ezil (Along)
12. Lili Zam (Haili)

Kumpulan Kartunis Independen (KKI) is an independent group of cartoonists that advocates the cartoonists’ rights with responsible value.

We also oppose to corruption.

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