Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Kuantan trip

Team reakfast before depart.
Stop for a short break before continue the journey to Kuantan.
Cartoonist gang.
Driver of the day Lawrence (yellow t-shirt).
Chit chatting among cartoonist. ( Left : Johnny Ong, Right : Paul Choo )
The important person to arrange this event. (Tham Abu )
Finally we reached. =)
Having lunch nearby event's venue.
The donation box of NGO stop lynas group.
Preparation for the kids' drawing competition.
Quite a lot of contestants. =)

Time to give away prizes.

Everyone creation ~!
Finally... reached hotel.
Let's have a break first before part 2 of the day.
Our dinner.

Zunar gang and SMSL gang.
Yellow gang.
Jonos : What do you want?
Free caricature at Teluk Cempedak.
Yellow caricaturist gang.
Next ! =D
Zunar autograph on t-shirt.
What you think ? Draw on it.
Giving speech on Ceramah.
Zunar big fans.

Little fans.
Do you have one of it already?
Supper time~!
2nd day : Breakfast time~!
Breakfast with Datuk Fauzi Abd Rahman.
Books selling at Pantai Cempedak.
Giving explanation about 1mooolaysia.
What is that? So interesting.
Wow ! Zunar is on the newspaper.
Trying so hard to write my name in chinese.
Deng deng ! My name in chinese (got it from Sin Chew newspaper.)
SMSL gang.
Caricature part 2.
We all love drawing so much.
Our lunch before leaving Kuantan. SUPER TOP.
SUPER TOP taukeh treat all of us.
*nyum nyum
T-shirt with signatures to the tau keh of SUPER TOP (yellow tee).
Ikan Bakar so nice ~!
Autographing books at R&R Temerloh.
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While giving autograph.....
Wow ! someone approach to bought 1 Moolaysia.
Oppss ! not 1, is 2...
Wahhhh...3rd fans already.
4th one, not bad. Quite success success and fun trip to Kuantan.

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