Saturday, 21 April 2012

Family day event with yellow apron + zunar gang at Malaysia Islam International University

Waiting for the others to reach.

Yeaaa...BERSIH 3.0 , I AM READY !

Yorr.. childish Jonos.

So fast got food to eat already. yahoo.

Preparing to start.... BBQ !!!

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Got nasi lemak, karipap, kuih, roti canai and etc.

What is this little cutie watching at?

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Preparing for the game, BERSIH 3.1 VS BERSIH 3.2

Playing win, lose or draw ~!

You can make it! Go Go Go!

score 2 marks. yahooo.

Team of BERSIH 3.2

Faster guess, 45 seconds only !

What is Paul drawing?

Everyone paying attention.

Can you guess the answer for this drawing ?? ..... Kereta Lembu Sharizat. We got it correct. UNBELIEVABLE right?

BBQ started.


Nice ? Taste good?

Fruit time.

Wow! 2 guitar player.

Enjoying .. sun bathing? haha!

Rehearsing for the performance later . ABU ABU !!

*saliva dripping

Walaoo~ so many good foods to eat today.

Pop star performing ABU song.

Yorrr.. so many cameras. SYOK ! haha!


Little cutie so cute ~! *daughter of cartoonist Azman

So many yellow manssss.

Cleaning up the place. Got to go.

I am very strong ~! hehe!

Remaining foods give away to everyone.

Zunar : Who still don't get it !!

Gonna leave, hope to have such family gathering again with you guys. Have fun today !!!!

Time to say bye-bye Yellow apron + zunar gang !! SEE YOU GUYS again !!!

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