Monday, 26 March 2012

Photos of 1Moolaysia book launching at Amcorp Mall

Preparation for 1 Moolaysia's book launching.

Johnny Ong to promote 1 Moolaysia at the main entrance.

Yeaaaahh.. Zunar's fan approach to get his new book.

Giving autograph to fans.

Close friend and family come to support on new book launching.

How is it?

Can you signature on the cap?

Here you go.... 1 Moooooooolaysia ~

Johnny's book ( 1 toon malaysia ) Zunar fans club mugs and pens.

Even My Pen Has A Stand & Isu Dalam Kartun

Distributing flyers

Hmmm..let me see.

Member gang cartoon, Azman.

Mrs.Zunar (Kak Alin)

Queue up to get autograph from Zuanr cartoonist.

Quite a long queue.


YB Nurul coming soon, so excited !

Finally YB Nurul Izzah is here, with her husband.
Yippiiii~ Can get both YB Nurul and Zunar autograph.

  With Pyanhabib Rahman and YB nurul Izzah.

1 Mooooooolaysia ~!

Souvenir - a mug for our pretty YB.

1 Moolaysia is officiated by YB Nurul Izzah.

Let's Moooooooooooooo - laysia !
Hmmm...he is very familiar, who is him?

Yes, he is famous actor - Tony Eusoff

Zunar's Gang ~!!! MooOOOOOoooo~!

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