Sunday, 18 March 2012

Zunar's live drawing performance at the 4th Anniversary of Pakatan Rakyat event , Medan Istana,

Setting up table for books and tees displaying.

The crowd is coming.

Take a photo together with a couple of Zunar's fans.


Live band performance from "bersih" boys.

Giving explanation regarding the books.

Zunar To Fight Through Cartoon kid's size tee.

Giving autograph.

With Hishamuddin Rais.

Another two main character. Hehe.

Look so smart, with mic somemore and it's almost my turn to perform).
It's show time =D

First time ever to draw live on the stage.

Audience are so cooperate to sit down during Zunar drawing on the stage,
or else those at the back couldn't see it.

Paying attention.

Signing autograph on books while explaining the content to the fans.

Wishes of Rakyat on the chinese lantern. UBAH ! UBAH !

Hope everyone dreams come true :)

Giving signature on t-shirt.


With Nga Kor Ming and Johnny Ong.

Photo with DS Nizar and Johnny.

Group photo before leaving. :)

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