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Zunar does it again with ’1 MOOLAYSIA’

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The popular cartoonist's fifth book depicts the humour in the NFC scandal, Scorpene, racism and corruption.

PETALING JAYA: Having one book banned and a second investigated under the Sedition Act has done absolutely nothing to stop popular cartoonist Zunar from publishing yet another book on Malaysia.
’1 MOOLAYSIA’ is Zunar’s fifth book and like its predecessors, it too views Malaysia through a satirical lens.
Zunar, whose real name is Zulkiflee Anwar Haque, said in a press statement that the book’s title was based on the National Feedlot Center (NFC) scandal.
The book features a collection of his political cartoons that have appeared in (online news portal) Malaysiakini between July 2011 to March this year and in (international cartoon website) as well as a smattering of fresh pieces.
“The cartoons mainly touch on issues that fail to be highlighted by local political cartoonists such as the prime minister (Najib Tun Razak) and his shop-a-holic wife (Rosmah Mansor), the conspiracy against (opposition leader) Anwar Ibrahim, Scorpene, racism, corruption and Malaysian politics in general,” Zunar said.
He admittted however that continuous government pressure had made it difficult for him to find willingprinters and vendors to openly sell his book.
“Some printers and vendors were told that they would lose their operating licences if they continuedprinting or selling my books,” he said.
Zunar previous publications were “Even My Pen Has A Stand” (2011), “Cartoon-O-Phobia (2010), “1 Funny Malaysia” (2009) and “Cartoons on Tun…” (2005).
His second book was banned on the grounds that its contents were “detrimental to public order” while the third was investigated under the Sedition Act.
Zunar himself was detained under the same act just hours before the book’s launch on Sept 24, 2010.
Last June the Kuala Lumpur High Courtrejected Zunar’s suit to challenge thegovernment on the banning of “1 Funny Malaysia’ and another book, “Perak Darul Kartun”.
Zunar filed a subsequent suit to challenge the police and government on his detention immediately after publishing “Cartoon-O-Phobia”. The next session of the case will be on April 5 and 6.
“Whatever the result, it will not derail my spirit to continue drawing cartoons,” Zunar stated. “I will fight until my last drop of blood.”
“I also urge Malaysians not to keep quite but to do their best in fighting this corrupt and inept government. The least you can do so is through a (sense of humour). If you cannot beat them, laugh at them!”
’1 MOOLAYSIA’ retails at RM25 and can be purchased via It will also be available for purchase at Amcorp Mall on March 24 and 25 from 10am to 5pm.

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